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Came to bed thinking “oh ill read for an hour”


spent it on mobile being a weeb.

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I really hope in the Last Naruto Movie that Sasuke’s outfit doesn’t involve his dumb rope and skirt. That shit seriously needs to go.

Almost as if he’s wearing some sort of chastity belt—

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Day 28: when the power fails

idk why but i found this funny

Kicked the shit out of his ass!

Forever known as the moment we found out Rock Lee was the truth when he said “fuck yo Dojutsu” and gave Sasuke them hands

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Maybe you should improve your diet…


I used to be friends with a woman who was very into natural healing methods, every spoonie has met the type, the well meaning healthy person who has a garden weed cure for every ailment known to man, and of course the story of how they miraculously healed themselves from a self-diagnosed illness.
On more than one occasion she suggested that my poor diet was to blame for my thyroid cancer and that if I could just improve my diet I would become healthy enough to stop all my tablets, grow back all my missing glands AND be cancer free for life. “If you just improved your diet…” was like her catchphrase.
Then one day she came bounding up to me, arms full of vitamin bottles and extract of whatever the craze at the time was and said “look! I have to take this to improve my energy levels my healer said… *I zoned out, but smiled and nodded along* …and it’s cost me £150!”
At this point I looked her dead in the eye and said “if only you’d just improved your diet” her face instantly fell and she was scrambling around for excuses “this is different!!!”. I didn’t argue, I didn’t have to, she knew I’d made a good point, and she never told me to improve my diet again.

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i’ve been reading up on enlarged thyroids with normal TSH results…i’ve convinced my self i have cancer. i want to ask for a T3 and T4 test but i have no idea how to ask. i have no experience with any of this, with my arthritis i have at least a decent knowledge of everything, but this i’m in the dark.

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things that other people seem to be proud of that i think is shit: making it through an entire reading of Walden.

walked by a starbucks (next to a goddamn stink pit aka hollister) and heard someone brag about reading it. it was pretentious in high school and it’s pretentious now.

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best one minute of entire 200 episode series of sailor moon

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Another gorgeous cat has wondered up…I dont know if im ready.

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tack-os and keso-dill-os.

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